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"Choose the good life - first-class delifood mainly from small farms in Italy and Greece"
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Greenomic is a family-owned business based in Germany with a passionate Greek food lover in charge -  Themi, Mr Themistoklis Vlachos. His love for good quality food made him start a business that is now thriving…


Greenomic stands for first-class delicious food mainly from Greece and Italy. The most important thing is the very high quality of the products as well as the traceability of their origin. Most of the products come from small family-owned farms that have been produced in the same way “forever” and follow family traditions & passion… Fantastic olive oils from Greece – traditional “al bronzo” produced pasta from Italy – Balsamico's which has riped in oak barrels and guaranteed free from artificial flavours, thickeners, sugar etc. – just a few of the amazingly flavoured products from this brand.


Another important thing is the “good looks” – beautiful products all the way!

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