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Once upon a time, there was a little girl, Catarina, who always thought she was Pippi Longstocking (still thinks so ;-) and what she wanted to do when growing up was to be a “product-finder”. Yes, it is what it sounds like – a person who finds things… 


This is what we are today – a team that finds “things” and brands. We are very picky and only go (not goes...) for the best;  quality,  sustainability, looks and functionality. Our home market is the Netherlands but we also sometimes aim for the whole of Benelux with our high-quality brand portfolio. 


Our brands are divided into two categories; delicious food or kitchen products & tableware; Yummilious food – independent retailer. Our brand portfolio has an amazing mix of delicatessen (deli) brands – products you use when cooking or just fancy some quality yumminess on your table and in your tummy for the independent retailer. We also have a selection of Swedish brands for the supermarket grocery trade. You find it all in our portfolio. 


As said above - some brands are for the independent retail sector and some are aimed at the supermarket grocery trade – please check “Independent” vs “supermarket”. 


Cookware - cook- & bakeware – pots & pans – plates – bowls – glasses – coffee & tea items – hydration – name it and we will most surely be able to help you with this from our wide range of high-quality brands from our one-stop-shop from the leading global provider within this segment; Lifetime Brands Europe.


If you wish to receive any more information about our brands, become one of our great re-sellers – please get in touch by sending us a message throughout our contact form. 


Catarina Dittschlag

- Brand Manager -

¨Pippi¨ Product finder | Visionary


Elle van de Stadt

- Conscious supermarket expert -

Foodie | Art

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